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5 Easy Songs to Play on Guitar

easy song to play on guitar
by Chris Devers

When I was fifteen many years aged I borrowed my older brother’s guitar and made the decision that I wanted to be a guitarist.

One of the most fun issues at that age was going into the forest with a bunch of friends and a bag of beer and scorching dogs.

We had our favorite spot at a lake, where we utilized to begin a fire. There we drank our beer, wine and what ever we had in our bags, and burned our hotdogs past recognition.

And somebody usually brought a guitar.

We could sit there till dawn – singing our favorite songs, eating our coal chunks and speak.

Quickly enough I bought my personal guitar, and started to deliver it to these nights. But becoming a newbie at guitar playing I had to pick the really simplest songs to play. More often than not I had to reply “No, sorry. I don’t know how to play that one”.

Back then, in the 70-ies, there was no internet. So in order to discover these easy, simple-to-play songs I had to use the nearby library. I borrowed guide following guide with songs from well-known and not-so-well-known artists.

I wrote the lyrics down, added the chords above the text lines, and saved the pages in a binder. Quickly enough I had like fifty to sixty different songs to choose from, sitting out there in The Wild.

To get you started, I’m happy to reveal with you, the leading five songs of all time.

1) One of the simplest song to play on guitar is actually one of the really best all through the many years Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heavens Door”.

It is really simple to play. There are essentially 4 different chords, G, D, Am and C. All chords simple to discover, and good lyrics. A perfect choice for the camp fire!

2) An additional hit to play is type of a hard song to play – if you want to. But you can also maintain these song really simple to play on your guitar, if you just want to “sing the song”. I’m talking about the monster hit “Sweet House Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. The chords are D, C and G. (And *one* F – once. It is where the say “Boo hoo”:o) )

three) “Boulevard Of Damaged Dreams”. We can’t maintain Green Day out of this checklist, now can we? With Em, G, D, A and C this song is pretty simple to play.

4) Also really simple to play on you guitar is Pink Floyd’s “Want You Were Right here”. It is also a really well-liked one.Attempt it!

five) I nearly wrote “Hotel California” here. Even though it is not so hard to play, Everybody knows this song anyway. So my fifth simple song to play on guitar should be “Father And Son”, a fantastic song written by Yusuf Islam, previously recognized as Cat Stevens.

All these songs are obtainable to print out from the internet. Do that and you are ready to rock.

If you discover only a few fundamental guitar chords, like C, Am, D, A, G, E, Em and F you will have zillions of songs to choose from.

But why stop there? If you truly want to be a praised guitarist and maintain your audience spellbound, there’s an simple way to get there.

Operate more than to Pelle’s Guitar Things and discover out for your self! And from there? Well Sky’s the restrict!

Who am I? Well, I am from the icy glaciers of Sweden, where you supposedly can meet polar bears on the streets at evening:o) Does anybody still think that?

Until the second I meet one for the initial time, I’m occupied with other issues. I’m a guitarplayer and songwriter. I have also written some poetry and short stories. 2008 my son lured me into the blogging company.

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