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6 Simple Steps On How To Begin Playing Guitar

how do you play guitar
by msspider66

Article by Kyle Hoffman

A lot of people really want to play the guitar, but most of them don’t know the first thing about how to start. You might think it has to do with buying the most expensive thing and then driving to a private instructor twice a week, but then again, you might be wasting your time and money.

Learning to play is actually a simpler process than you might expect and if you want to play, you’re probably making things more difficult than they should be. For those who want to get started, here are 6 easy tips on how to start playing the guitar right away.

1. Research the instrument.

You need to get yourself a instrument to use, but you can’t just walk into the store blindly and pick something at random. That’s not very logical.

What you need to do is take some time to browse the internet or instrument catalogs to learn prices, reviews, and find out what the best starting instrument there is for you to purchase.

2. Purchase the instrument.

Next, you’re going to walk into the store, but with someone who knows how to play the guitar. This step is also vital to learning how to start playing guitar because only a seasoned musician knows if you’re purchasing a piece of junk.

Let them sit down and try out the guitars you picked online and make a judgment on what your best bet is, and then make your buy.

3. Sign up for online guitar lessons.

Of course you could just fiddle around with the guitar for a few days and waste time, or you could get straight down to business and learn from a real educator at a reasonable price. With probably hundreds of courses being offered on the internet, you could find a reasonably priced set of lessons and have a basic song learned within a week.

4. Put in at least 20 minutes of work per day.

If you can’t do 20 minutes of time, then you probably shouldn’t play the guitar because that’s the minimum. The meat of learning the instrument is to practice, practice and then when you’re done you practice some more.

Eventually, you should be so motivated by what you’ve already learned that you’re just dying to pick up your guitar every single day.

5. Find examples of your newly-learned skills in common guitar songs.

You should be learning some very fundamental, but important skills from your online lessons. The best thing to do to really ingrain them in your fingers is to apply them to some simple, but popular songs.

Listen to your tunes and see if anything you have contains some basic riffs and ideas that you’re learning at the moment and try to apply your techniques.

6. Make a goal of at least one song to learn and go for it.

One of the very best ways to learn the guitar is by making goals. Goals give you the motivation to get things done, plus, you’ll have a song under your belt to serenade the crowd.

However, when you’re thinking of a goal for playing the guitar, there are a few guidelines to follow:

* Think short term

* Aim for a song that you’re positive you can do it.

* Pick a song that you’ll have fun learning to play.

Making goals is a strong topic in most online guitar courses too, but not all these courses have your best interests in mind. Here you can find out why an experienced guitarist HATES the extremely popular Jamorama course and all of the other Jamorama guitar products.


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