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Any easy songs to play on the guitar?

Question by iluvcandy: Any easy songs to play on the guitar?
Well…my team and i need to do a competition against the 2 meanest girls in the class xP on the first day of school is the competition : september 15 and today is: august 12…
i told my team that i can play the guitar!! im trying to learn, its working out okay but i need a song to play.. not to easy, not to hard! thanks!!

Best answer:

Answer by stanleys_2001
Pretty much any song is easy…. if you know how.

As a guitar instructor – for several years – One of the things I’d do to keep students motivated, is to teach them “little pieces of tunes” that sounded good… and allowed the to show off.

Pick a tune you want to learn and concentrate on a portion of it that will give the impression of that song.

Find a local music studio and explain to the instructor your dilemma.

If you were local to me… that’s a project that I would LOVE to take on.

Good luck…. try to “fake it – ’till you make it”

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