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Can I learn guitar with out a payed for lesson?

Query by FiFi: Can I learn guitar without a payed for lesson?
I want to learn guitar as I have an acoustic 1 that has been beneath my bed fir god only knows how numerous many years. But I want to learn! It may just be a phase and I may grow out of it, but is there anyway I can learn without getting to pay for lessons?

There are LOADS of guitar gamers at my college but I really feel a but gay asking them if they could teach me :/

If you currently play, can you also leave some tips on studying guitar?

Best solution:

Solution by sarge927
Because you currently have a guitar, my recommendation is to make investments in a new set of strings for the guitar and a combination lesson guide/video clip sequence. Examine out the following web site for some of the best prices around on guitar equipment and instructional supplies. They have a wide variety to select from, so scan around a while and discover 1 that will assist you meet your person objectives.

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