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Classic Game Room – GUITAR HERO VAN HALEN review

Classic Game Room HD reviews GUITAR HERO VAN HALEN for Xbox 360, also on Playstation 3 PS3, Nintendo Wii and the venerable PS2. Play with the band or just guitar and bass, Guitar Hero Van Halen may not be the best Guitar Hero as of late but it still packs about 2 dozen early Van Halen tracks and numerous other songs. Play as Van Halen with short hair and a new bass player (Wolfgang!) or rock out in spandex with David Lee Roth, Alex and Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen! Yes, I’m missing Sammy Hagar and Michael Anothony, as well as the chance to relive the 80’s as Van Halen, but the game is playable and fun. It lacks the polish of Guitar Hero Metallica and the storyline of Guitar Hero Aerosmith, and in many ways falls flat where it could have really exploded off the screen with 80’s MTV awesomeness. It’s no surprise that the game was available as a freebie with Guitar Hero 5 but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, it just comes off as sub par compared to the other excellent Guitar Hero releases. This CGR review of Guitar Hero Van Halen has gameplay from Guitar Hero Van Halen on Xbox 360 showing game play and songs in action.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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