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Dunlop – The Finest Guitar Strings for Large Steel

Heavy metallic/challenging rock people might neglect this, but guitar strings make a huge variation in sound — particularly when you enjoy electric guitar with distortion. I have tried out a number of string designs (and submodels) in the course of all my many years taking part in guitar, such as D’addario, Ernie Ball, GHS, Exilir and DR. In my view, Dunlop is the very best string model for hefty steel playing. To exhibit Dunlop’s quality, I go over the following subjects on this video: . Overall sound . Cleanliness & definition . Break-in time & tuning stability . Fret buzz “muffle” My gear on this video: . Jackson King V KV2 with Seymour Duncan pickups (TB-four bridge / JB SH-four neck) & Floyd Rose tremolo . Gibson Tribal Explorer with 500T / 496R Gibson pickups & Kahler 2215K tremolo . Line six Spider IV amplifier (150 Watts) with built-in Crazy distortion product
Video clip Rating: four / five


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