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Easiest Song to Play on Guitar – Finally Learn the Easiest Song to Play on Guitar and Many Easy Ones

easy songs to play on guitar
by Chris Devers

If you have just bought a guitar and are simply dying to play it, pick some of the easiest songs to play on guitar. Mastering the art of even playing one or two simple songs will make life thrilling and you will be eager to learn more.

Before you start to learn songs make sure that you know the fundamentals. You should be able to hold the guitar properly and strum the strings. Many teachers recommend that a beginner should master the basic chords before moving on to songs.

However one of the best ways to learn the basic chords is through a song. How can you find out which song is easy to play? The easiest song to play on the guitar should have 2-3 chords only. You can go for a slow love song as most of them have the three basic chords – A major, C major, and D. Before venturing on your first musical adventure choose a song you are familiar with.

It should be one of your favorite songs which is pleasing to the ear. Carefully hear the recording of the song and read the sheet music before you begin to play.

One of the easiest song to play on guitar is the hit 90s tune Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It comprises of three simple chords, D, A and G. These are some of the most used chords.

Once you are able to play D, A and G with confidence you will get this song right. The songs churned out by pop pioneers Beetles are generally easy to play. Love me Do is one of the easiest songs to play. It makes use of G, C and C7. If you get bogged down by C7 do not worry. It is very similar to C but has one extra note. It is easy to switch from C to C7.Another song you can begin with is Semi- Charmed Life. G, D and C chords are used in this song. The pattern of strumming this song is very easy to learn as it’s rapid and continuous.

You can even try singing it while you are playing.

Another good song for a beginner to start with is Wild Thing which makes use of A D E D, chords. One of the easiest songs to play on the guitar is the popular Yellow Submarine.

Once you begin playing your fingers will become familiar with shifting chords with ease. But remember success comes with repeated practice. In order to be a good musician you need tremendous amount of patience and dedication.

Even if one of the easiest songs to play on guitar did not come right, don’t feel frustrated but try again. The next time will yield better results.

Want to learn more easy guitar songs? Check out My Site to learn some nice easy songs that you’ll be jamming to in no time at all.

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