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Video clip from a Fender factory in Corona, CA. The Fender American Stratocaster Electrical Guitar is a Fender icon. Juicy upgrades incorporate a richer, deeper neck tint for a far more stylish and expensive physical appearance glossed neck entrance for improved looks with satin back again for easy playability and bent steel Fender saddles with traditional seem and excellent tone. String spacing is narrowed for contemporary playability, saddle height screws are resized to reduce rough experience, and string slot on saddle is elongated to decrease string friction or breakage. The Copper Infused Forged Strat Bridge Block (steel with copper – a hundred% metal) offers elevated mass and enhanced tone. This Strat features the first headstock form but has staggered device heads shedding a single string tree and strengthening string angle over the nut. Personalized staggered pickup magnets increase string-to-string balance and give the G-string far better tone. Cosmetics include parchment/black/parchment pickguard and parchment pickup covers, knobs, and ideas.


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