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Free Video clip Guitar Lesson on The Blues Scale

The blues scale is a pentatonic minor scale, and it is a single of the most basic scales you can find out on the guitar. The blues scale is not only used in blues audio, but in everything from jazz to metal new music.

Starting up from E, the E blues scale includes the notes E, G, A, B, D, and E. Sometimes you can add a flat fifth in runs, which would be a B flat, but it is probably much better as a beginner to just discover the basic blues scale.

As I make clear in the cost-free video guitar lesson, to begin the E blues scale, you perform the open E string, and then the G on the 3rd fret of the E string. You play the open A string, and then the B on the second fret. Then open D, E on the 2nd fret, open up G, A on the 2nd fret, open up B, D on the 3rd fret, and open E, and G on the 3rd fret.

This E-based blues scale can be moved up the frets to play blues scales in a diverse important. For example, if you began with your index finger on the fifth fret of the E string, it would be an A blues scale, in an E-based mostly form.

You would play all of the notes that had been open up strings on the fifth fret with your index finger, and the E-dependent blues scale follows the same intervals, of 3 frets, two frets, two frets, two frets, three frets, and three frets, up from the fifth fret, on every single string.

To play the A-based mostly blues scale, there is a slightly distinct pattern, because of to the tuning of the guitar. You start off with an open A, then a few frets up to Do, then it is the exact same two frets up from the open string on the next two strings, but when it arrives to the B string, you start on the 1st fret instead of the open up string, and go up to the 3rd fret, providing you C and D.

The up coming string is the E, so you play this one open up, and then three frets up to the G. It is less difficult to fully grasp my explanation of the blues scale shapes when you see me performing it in the cost-free video guitar lesson.

If you nevertheless have trouble learning the blues scale shape, try studying the notes of the guitar first, and then you may possibly be capable to discover the blues scale less complicated by enjoying the notes I described.

For a total checklist of my free video guitar lessons, check out out my Facebook web page: Guitar lessons on the internet.

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