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Gibson Guitar?

gibson guitar
by Duncan Brown (Cradlehall)

Question by thesithassassin: Gibson Guitar?
I was looking at the Gibson Standard Les Paul Silverburst Guitar Center unique. Its a stunning guitar and it plays nicely but I am also weighing that guitar against a Gibson Les Paul GT. I have never played the GT but it is stunning as nicely so I was hoping someone right here could inform me how it plays. If you personal the guitar or just played it at a shop. Guitar Center does not frequently have the GT so I don’t have an chance to play the guitar. I would expect that it plays nicely but I would like to know if it is dependable and handles nicely over time. If anybody has ever before played both (the Guitar Center unique is like any other Gibson Les Paul Standard except that this is a silverburst colour) then how would you compare the two? Thanks for the assist.

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Answer by Nikk33
that is a tough decision thay both audio awsome i have played the gibson GT and i have the standard

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