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Good acoustic guitar songs to play and sing?

Question by Asdlkf No last name: Good acoustic guitar songs to play and sing?
For my music class, you have to perform a song either on an instrument or singing. I can play guitar and sing so I’m going to try to learn them simultaneously. Anyway, I don’t know what song to do. I don’t want to do anything with a ton of chords because that gets boring, I’d prefer something with more riffs. I was planning on doing neon by john mayer but it is just TOO HARD.

Best answer:

Answer by linda
try about a girl by nirvana, it only has about 5 chords and sounds really good with just guitar and vocals. it only took me about an hour to learn, so you should find it quite easy. try this video lesson: that is how i learnt it, it says you need to tune it different but i find it sounds just as good in standard tuning.

it also has a solo/riff type thing in it here is how to play it i can’t remember at what point the solo comes in but you just need to listen to the actual song

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