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Guitar- acoustic?

Query by dingster: Guitar- acoustic?
so heres the deal
the 16th is my b-day
and i want an acoustic guitar
but then i dunno i want to learn it myself through like some teaching stuff like cd or i ono.
but i guess u can say i’m prety good with music
cause i have 10 many years on the piano
and some other instruments
and iw as in a position to choose up violin like nothing
and viola
i just did not master these casue they were just some thing i needed to do
but i truly wanna learn guitar
so should i start
and how tough is it to learn
or should i just settle with guitar hero

Best solution:

Answer by metalvoodoochile
If I did not believe this was a significant question I wouldn’t even solution the damn factor.That’s like going back again and asking Hendrix if he would rather play pinball.Its apples to oranges.I’ve by no means messed about with guitar hero just for the simple fact that I am a Real guitarist.Now,the piano(which I discovered to play when I was four and sometimes play now) doesn’t even compare to the guitar.As with an artist your palette is almost limitless with the guitar and as you well know,your restricted with the piano and strings(violin,viola,and so on…) Depart the guitar hero to the children in grade-K and to the wanna-be’s.Because you study music and you have a good ear it should not be a problem choosing up the guitar but…it may be a difficult transition for you simply simply because you may be stuck in “classical” mode but that’s fine simply because classical guitar shows you a great deal.Most of what you discover out on the web is in tablature and that’s for individuals who cannot study music but I would still start off with a tablature changing plan anyways.It requires a midi file and converts it more than to music Tab so you can study the notes and crucial signatures.I recommend guitar professional 5..Choose up a cheap acoustic/electric guitar and maybe a small amp and your good to go.

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