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Guitar Chords (1) Guitar in a Nutshell: My 10 Essential Chords

Guitar Chords – Download The PDF For This Series Of Lessons. Click The Link. This video will show you the 10 essential chords you’ll need to be able to play 100’s of songs on guitar. Yes there are 1000’s of chords you could play (and yes, some guitarists really do know them all!) but the vast majority of popular songs can be played with only a handful of chords. The trick is to understand how these 10 chords get organized into keys and I teach that here It’s best to start out learning easy chords for beginners on acoustic guitar in order to set up a nice foundation later on should you decide to move onto electric guitar… which is a entirely new world from acoustic. To practice you should set up some easy chord progressions and drill them in time to a drum track, you can check out an example of how to practice guitar properly here As a beginner learning your first chords don’t think that just because you’re holding the right shape that the chord should automatically sound good! It’s not that simple. In the next video I’ll show you the 3 most important rules to pay attention to in order to have your chords sound clear and perfect.
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