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Guitar Chords Beginner :s?

guitar chords beginner
by Ethan Hein

Question by Sarah 6: Guitar Chords Beginner :s?
I’ve only played the guitar 3 or 4 times and i can play some chords
(Em, E, Am, B7..)
But there are loads of chords i just can’t play because my fingers just can’t STRETCH that far appart! I’ve never had to do it before.
So do any of you guitar-playing-people know any exercises or tricks that will help me play the harder chords?
or is it just not physically possible for me to play the guitar? -_-‘
And did you have the same problem when you started?

Best answer:

Answer by card house
i didnt start excelling at guitar until i started to play bass. it stretched my fingers so much. i can stretch like 1 to 8 now. just try as much as you can and you will eventually stretch. maybe its easier for me too cause im a guy, and since girls hands are usually smaller, its probably harder.

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