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Guitar chords for beginners?

Question by Patricia432242: Guitar chords for novices?
Okay so I am a beginner guitar player what are the chords I should be actively playing cause I have no clue is there any person that can help me

Best answer:

Remedy by Daniel
As a veteran musician who performs many instruments professionally and with a classical coaching, I’d advise finding out a minor bit of principle ahead of bothering with chords. They’re going to be considerably more helpful as soon as you realize the connection amongst the notes in the chord.

Just understand the diatonic scale and its 7 modes. That’s 99% of western new music anyway.
Here is a number of basic example:

And most importantly:

The moment you’re prepared for a little bit far more, like rhythm, intervals, and so on.., examine out this website:

I know it can be dull at initial, but a couple weeks researching this and you will achieve a whole new stage. Besides, it applies to any instrument.
Hope that will help a minor little bit. =)

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