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Guitar Chords for Newbies? * go through particulars*?

Issue by נєи, ℓιѕтєи тσ тнє тнυи∂єя.: Guitar Chords for Newbies? * study details*?
Okay so i just started out playing guitar. And so far i know 3 chords : E Minor , Do Significant , G7.
And the chords online have been kinda perplexing me, so i received someone to create it out for me to clarify it like this…

E Minor – Two Fret 5 & four,

C Key – 1 Fret 2 , Two Fret four, A few Fret 5

G7 – 1 Fret 1 , Two Fret five, About three Fret six

Like just the fret amount, then the string quantity.
Rookie chords please (:
Thank You for your time , = )!

Finest response:

Answer by Shawn
Nicely if u want u can go to google and sort in newbie guitar chords but i have been playin for most likely about two a long time and i taught myself and my first chords have been extremely simple they were ( G,C,D,E minimal) Then when i could play all of them and swap quick i learned bar chords but discover novice chords very first hope this helped

G: six string 3 fret, five string two fret,four and three string open up,2 string three fret,1 string 3 fret
C:5 string three fret, 4 string two fret, three string open up, 2 string 1 fret, one string open up
D: six,five,4 string open up, three string two fret, 2 string three fret, 1 string 2 fret

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