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Guitar Lesson: I dont need no doctor by John Mayer – 3/3 How to Play Bridge&outro on Guitar

Welcome to this 3rd and last guitar lesson and instructional video that helps you learn how to play I don’t need no doctor by John Mayer. According to wiki(not everything there is correct, i know): “I Don’t Need No Doctor” was a hit song written by Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson and Jo Armstead. It was first recorded by Ray Charles in 1966 and later covered by John Scofield in 2005. In this post you have both the lesson as the sheetmusic so it’s not necessary to print the tabs. In the video there is some extra attention for the strumming pattern and groove as well as a to the point explanation of the chords and chord progression. There is the option to skip through sections of the video for the quick students among you, just check the annotations and do this video in the speed that suits you. By the way: during the making of this tutorial a lot went wrong, in the third part of this tutorial there was something wrong with the cable which I found out only after having already edited the footage. I’m still finding my way in making these tutorials, my last has been some weeks ago and I seem to have lost the little bit of routine I had build up until then. So bare with me here and I promise that quality will improve over the coming months… Enjoy this new electric-guitar-tutorial! André Check out the Subscribe @ youtube Follow me @ twitter: Join me @ facebook: My UG profile: Other


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