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guitar lessons!?!?

Concern by ••xox••: guitar lessons!?!?
I am possibly starting up gutar lessons but am a little bit weary. My mom informed me t hat if you play gutar your finger tips will get cuts and they will be really sore and cuteen up. And she mentioned that your finger guidelines will turn all challenging and stiff as a substitute of delicate.
Is this genuine!?!? PLZ aid!

oh and is it greater to play acoustic or electric?
(i am just commencing and have no ides)


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Answer by FamousMF
That is not fully correct. When you 1st start out, your fingers could harm a tiny, but following a even though, they create caluses and you get utilized to it. As significantly as acoustic and electric goes, I choose acoustic due to the fact it has a much more organic audio, but it is dependent on your preference. Both are hard instruments to perform, if you want to find more about them, go to your local guitar keep and they’re going to help you locate a single that suits you. Hope you have exciting actively playing!

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