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Guitar Oscillations Captured with iPhone 4

I just happened upon this trick when testing what it was like filming from inside my guitar. *Note this effect is due to the rolling shutter, which is non-representative of how strings actually vibrate. Tips: • You must have the strings brightly backlit to get the camera to capture at such a high frame rate (pure conjecture). You can see how the effect fades when the buildings come into view. • Use a pencil *This was used with the front facing camera, try the back camera, it may capture better! (tried it, it didn’t look as good for me) There is a heated discussion with *real science* over at reddit *UPDATE here is the ‘tracklist’ :14 – “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton :56 – “Signe” by Eric Clapton 2:57 – Snippet of “Tomorrow Land” by John Scofield – the rest is just noodling around. Also, I never thought I’d be known as a ‘youtube guitarist’, I just play for fun- I’m actually a motion graphics designer/animator. Check out follow me on twitter! http
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