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easy play guitar
by Odd Bod

When first learning to play the guitar, it’s important to remember that strong fingers and hands are very critical to playing well.  Your fingers are the number one part of your hand that is required to form the different notes and sounds of a guitar.  Strong, flexible fingers are key to your success.

In addition to your fingers being strong, you need to keep in mind that when first learning, the tips of your fingers will become very sore from the constant pressure on the strings.  Many veteran guitar players have developed thick calluses on the ends of their fingers where they contact with the strings.  Therefore, a bit of pain in the fingertips is not uncommon at all.

Experts in the industry recommend that you listen to a variety of music and instruments and pick out the guitar from each and pay close attention.  Listening to the variety of sounds from a guitar helps one to understand the variety of sounds that the guitar is capable of producing.  Listening to a variety of types of music helps in the same way.  A guitar played for the heavy metal sounds has a much different sound that the guitar used in country ballads.

Studying with a teacher is a great way to help you avoid the loss of interest in the hobby of guitar playing.  Many players start by teaching themselves and quickly run out of new challenges.  Practicing and training with a teacher will help make sure this doesn’t happen while teaching proper form and technique.  It’s always helpful to learn the right way first, rather than developing bad habits that have to be gotten rid of later.

Tuning your instrument, while a seemingly obvious tip, is very important.  There are several ways to tune your instrument and you may want to start with an electronic tuner rather than trusting your ear.  Many great guitar players still use an electronic guitar tuning device rather than their own ear.  The reason is simple, you may or may not be able to hear the note properly and the electronic tuning device operates on the vibration of the strings, not the sound produced.

Playing with other players helps you to work on technique and rhythm.  Ideally, surround yourself with players that are more advanced than you are.  They can give you pointers along the way that will help you further your skill.  Watching and listening to guitar players in a live setting is helpful.  Observing their techniques can help you improve your own, making you a better player.

A guitar player should memorize the songs that he or she is going to be playing.  When you must read the notes from a sheet of paper or a book, the song doesn’t feel like it is simply flowing.  Playing a song from memory makes you feel the song and the reaction of those listening instead of reading it from a piece of paper, making it feel more natural for you.

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