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Guitar strings?

Question by woodyboy12: Guitar strings?
Hello, i have been enjoying guitar for about nine months now. It has arrive, the time for me to change the strings of my acoustic guitar. I have 2 concerns. First of all, how do i find out what type of strings i have been enjoying all this time? (The guitar was a existing and i have no idea how to examine) and secondly, what strings do you guys suggested for my next set? (nylon or metal?) Many thanks in superior.

Best answer:

Answer by Early Cuyler
You should consider your guitar to a local guitar store and ask them what Gage of string is on there. They should be able to inform. You can have them display you other gages and kinds of strings currently on guitars. As far as switching to nylon or metal strings you should ask the the guitar tech at thestore if its even feasible. An completely new setup maybe essential to even change(truss rod adjustments/bridge function). At any rate just consider it to your nearest guitar vendor. They can certainly answer your concerns and they market the strings anyway.

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