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GUITAR STRINGS??????????????

Question by Sandra H: GUITAR STRINGS??????????????
ok so I acquired new guitar strings to replace my old ones… whilst i was tuning the strings the g string snapped my old g string is plastic and the new 1 is not before my first 3 string had been plastic… well anyways I have them all tuned but when i play the strings buzz… Do I have to break them in our something???

Best answer:

Answer by sarge927
You may have gotten the incorrect type of guitar strings. Classical acoustic guitar strings have 3 metal-wound strings and 3 nylon strings (the G, B, and substantial E). Folks acoustic guitar strings usually have 4 metal-wound strings and two steel strings (the B and substantial E). If your new strings are all some type of metal, you require to loosen them up just a small bit until you can replace them with the correct strings (the folks acoustic strings have more tension in them than nylon strings, so it’s not great to depart them on a classical guitar without loosening them up, but you don’t want to consider them off totally or the neck of your guitar will literally “warp.”) Be certain to specify that you have a classical acoustic guitar when you get new strings.

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