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How a lot could i sell my Gibson guitar for?

Problem by Chris: How much could i offer my Gibson guitar for?
I have a 1994 Gibson EDS 1275 Double Neck, i have had it for a minor above 4 several years, but i do not play guitar much any more. The guitar is a minor conquer up, i got it really low cost due to the fact the again of the necks are sanded. I have always needed to get it fixed, but i never ever really had the time or the money, or truly even the enthusiasm. I am thinking about marketing it because it is a fantastic guitar and i dont deserve it anymore.
So i was wondering how a lot could i offer it for?

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Reply by Lifeless Guy Strolling
Well, one particular way to uncover out the appeal of just about something nowadays is to look for comparable or identical objects on eBay and see how much they sell for there, and then you’ll know how a lot yours would market for if you sold it, as well.

Good luck, and the website link underneath is to the “Guitars” section of the eBay website…

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