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How can I discover to perform guitar and sing at the identical time?

Query by : How can I discover to enjoy guitar and sing at the very same time?
I have been trying to sing along with some of the tracks that I enjoy on the guitar, but I have had no luck. When I attempt I usually mess up the fretting or strum pattern whilst enjoying. Is there a way that I can learn to sing and perform guitar at the same time, thanks for your help.

Finest solution:

Reply by David Lenef
Action one: Get extremely cozy and fluent altering from chord to chord in the song, but don’t worry about singing. You want the chord adjustments to be automated with minor or no considered.
Stage two: Faucet the conquer with your hand while you sing.
Action three: Do the strum pattern with your right hand while you sing, but don’t stress about altering chords. Just mute the strings or engage in a solitary chord through (even even though it will sound dumb).
Step 4: Set it all jointly.

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