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How can i learn to play acoustic blues guitar proficiently?

Question by Rohan S: How can i learn to play acoustic blues guitar proficiently?
I want to be able to a proficient acoustic blues guitar play, but i don’t know where to start. I’m an intermediate musician having played the saxophone for 10 years and i’m about an advanced beginner at the guitar. I want to take my guitar playing in the blues area to another level but i don’t know what to practice, what to learn, or how to go about doing any of that. Any suggestions on books, tutorials, or ways of learning acoustic blues guitar would be extremely helpful, thanks

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Answer by ClarkL
I know few people who play acoustic blues.Not meaning they are not out there. You tube is the best teaching site out there. I have been playing for thirty years and I use this site all the time to learn new music that i play in my Band.Go to you tube and simply type in Acoustic blues guitar.I just did it. and pulled up some ubber fantasic. players Matter of fact I am listening to one of them as I am typing this.Look up Tommy Emmaunuel Twelve bar blues in the Key of E. Just type all this in there he is .

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