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How do I select the correct electric-acoustic guitar?

Query by Lucas: How do I select the correct electric-acoustic guitar?
I’m going to purchase an electric-acoustic guitar in the coming weeks, but I really do not know how to judge them. I really feel I have made good options with my other guitars (acoustic and electric), but I haven’t had a lot experience with the hybrid. Do I maintain them to the same standards of really feel and audio as an acoustic? Should an electric-acoustic audio just as good unplugged as an acoustic does? Should I go for a straight pickup program, or a mic-and-pickup?

Any answers at all would be very appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by guitarpicker56
The kinds of woods of an acoustic decides its volume and projection. Mahogany sides and back again will give a crisp and vibrant projection than a guitar having rosewood back again and sides. Built-in electronics may have an impact on projection, but it may be minimum.

If the guitar does not have its constructed-in pickup program I would recommend the skinny-line under-the-saddle pickup.

Have a guitar enjoying friend or a guitar technician at the music store play a number of for you as you listen to the volume and projection.

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