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How do I play guitar chords properly?

guitar beginner chords
by Ben Ward

Question by Fun1: How do I play guitar chords properly?
I am learning my guitar chords, but it isn’t working well. I can’t really put my finger down on one string without it halfway muting the strings next to it (and I have small fingers). Also, on the A chord, I can’t figure out how to mute the bottom E (closest to me), because whenever I try and use my thumb my palm presses up against the top E and mutes it.

This is frustrating. How do you put your fingers on the strings so that they don’t affect the strings next to them?

Best answer:

Answer by BrrItsIce
My guess is you are playing on an acoustic guitar.

Personally, I preferred my electric, even though it was small, because the strings were much more easier to bend and play upon. Also, because the neck of my acoustic was bent kind of so I had to push down the strings very much, which hurt my hands. If playing on an electric doesn’t work for you, try buying nylon strings.

Just keep trying. Good luck.

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