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How do you perform guitar chords like Gmaj9?

Concern by Love, Hil (Hitler’s BFF): How do you engage in guitar chords like Gmaj9?
There are like six dots exactly where the fingers are intended to be on the fret? I’m understanding guitar and I can not discover anything on how to play chords like that due to the fact there are a whole lot of them I see on my chord sheet…aid make sure you and thank you. When I first noticed it I was like I do not have 6 fingers…except if they mean strum multiple notes with one finger. I need to have guidelines for that.

Finest answer:

Solution by Guitarpicker
Just include an F be aware and an A notice when you want to engage in a G9. To do that, enjoy your G chord that you know and press the A observe on the 3rd string, 2nd fret. It seems like this: 3232O3. Placement your fingers on the suitable frets and strings and you will have it.

Yet another way to get G9 is as follows, making use of your minor finger to catch the A be aware on the 5th fret, 1st string:

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