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How do you play guitar chords?

how to play a guitar chord
by liquidnight

Question by : How do you play guitar chords?
I’ve been playing guitar since August last year and I still can’t play chords. I’m fine with bar and power chords, but im talkin’ about just plain chords. I can never get my fingertips to stop touching other strings. My fingers are a little fat but i’ve seen people with way bigger fingers play ones that i can’t play…

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Answer by Jiggy Jon
I believe you are talking about Open Chords. Make sure you are pressing down with the tips of your fingers and not the pads. There are plenty of people out there with chuncky fingers that are amazing on the guitar. Check out Youtube for basic guitar chord lessons. Also, try pushing your elbow out from your body so that your fingers, wrist and elbow form a straight line, this takes the pressure off the wrist. Good Luck! -JP

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