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How lengthy will it take to play easy guitar songs?

Problem by Twig: How long will it just take to play basic guitar songs?
I in no way played acoustic guitar just before, but i wanna find out how to perform easy songs like by Odetta, Bob Dylan, and some Hank Williams Sr.

I constantly wanted to play “Missing Highway” by Hank. How prolonged do you think it’s going to consider of studying and practicing?

I also need to have some tips on some great textbooks that give you a good understanding of folk acoustic guitar. and how to perform.

i cant afford lessons.

Very best solution:

Solution by Fused
Alot of the songs you will perform only use 3 to 4 chords for the total tune. They just blend em up a bit. Folks audio is fairly various in type and will get a bit longer than easy strumming Hank. You can perform a heck of alot of songs utilizing the identical four chords and be taking part in it first rate in a month if you apply switching in between chords. Just give your fingers the opportunity to memorize in which they need to have to be.
Get a really mild decide on (bends effortless) and practice strumming people chords. You are going to get it b4 you know it. 🙂

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