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how long does it take to complete a guitar learning course?

Question by bpk: how long does it take to complete a guitar learning course?
probably up till grade 8? do you complete one grade a year?

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Answer by Rick A
There several on-line guitar courses where you learn at your on rate. Practice minor cords, strumming, bridge and then major cords. I found a CD, 4 pack on Ebay that you can play on your laptop so I take it to the park and practice about an hour a day. Great fun and you learn by watching and practicing what you see and hear.
I saw several CD’s on ” Learning Gutar ” on Ebay, this morning.
There are many internet sites you pay and follow basically the same lessons. They cost anywhere from $ 75.00 upwards. If I were you I would opt to get the 4 CD set that starts at the beginner stage and goes all the way to major cords and leads after the break. Learning the guitar takes practice and these CD’s give you lots of cords to practice and then shows you how to put the cords together in a song. Before you know it you will be playing one cord, then two , then a song then another song all with these simple cords and then you will be playing a break into a lead ,out of this same song. Fender makes this course, but I have seen this set made by yamaha, Gibson and many more makers of guitar. Usually, when you buy your guitar you get this self-taught Cd to learn to play. I am working on several SLIPKNOT, MUSHROOMHEAD, songs and can pick out the cords and have started using a wah-wah petal. Try this 4 CD set and you will be on your way in weeks. Practice the lessons over and over and then move to the next lesson. It has all the cords and bridges, charts and songs so all you do is watch, listen and practice. You will be playing your first song in weeks. Turn It UP.

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