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How to go through a guitar chord chart?

Query by : How to examine a guitar chord chart?

my brother plays. he is also lazy to inform me. -___- so how do you study it, as in which finger goes in which and products? many thanks so significantly!

and how long did it just take YOU to discover? — simple chords and stuff

Finest answer:

Solution by Joseph
Likely down, they are the frets.
Likely across, each line represents the string.
The black dots are wherever your fingers go.
The white colored dots beside the strings are the other strings you really should strum along with the frets you have held down.
So with D key, for illustration. You maintain down the first fret on the 5th string. And the 2nd fret on the 4th and 6th.
Search via the chords and just do this.

Sorry if I didn’t assist too much, I am not way too excellent at conveying stuff. 🙂

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