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How to I make a guitar effect that seems like a steel string guitar?

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by matsuyuki

Query by bhbpman: How to I make a guitar outcome that seems like a steel string guitar?
Okay I know how to play “daughters” but John Mayer but the beginning component in which the steel string guitar plays is awesome and I cant discover any effects on my guitar outcomes that seems like it.

Btw, I dont even know how to make my individual effects..

If this helps at all I have Digitech RP80 guitar effects.

Greatest answer:

Solution by Left-T
The metal guitar outcome is carried out with a bottleneck or guitar slide (metal or glass) that you slip in your ring or pinky finger. This way, you can even now play a riff with the other fingers and use the slide over the string which presents it the real sound of a metal guitar.
That is what he is using in that lead component.

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