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How to play classical guitar with shakey hands?

Question by : How to play classical guitar with shakey hands?
For the past year I have had shakey hands and I keep dropping things with make playing guitar. Id end up playing the same note a few times due to my shakey hands do you have any tips.
Btw how can I play faster with shakey hands.

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Answer by fifi_vedana
i had shakey hands for a long time when playing guitar :/ usually doing like finger stretches and exercising my hand muscles have made my hands a little stronger..
and i was also told that my anemia or tiredness had to do with all the weakness in the hands that made it shakey.. so i took a lot of iron too… i guess just practice will get you there.. and kinda pace yourself… and remember to take breaks with your hands and if they’re sore i suggest soaking them in salt water XD

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