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How to play Gotta Travel On by Dick Dale And The Lennon Sisters on guitar

This is NOT the Dick Dale i thought it…it is a guitar lesson on how to play “Gotta Travel On” by “Dick Dale And The Lennon Sisters” taught & instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from and……….ALSO,I WANTED TO MENTION IF ANYBODY WISHES TO TO DONATE TO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT(IF YOU FEEL YOU CAN OFCOURSE-COMPLETELY NO PRESSURE AS I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE TO BRING THESE FREE LESSONS)MY PAYPAL EMAIL IS “TVXPUNK@AOL.COM”. I LOVE DOING THIS AND IF I CAN CUT BACK MY 2 HOUR TRIPS TO MUSIC STORES A LITTLE BIT,IT WOULD FREE ME UP TO KEEP THIS ROCKIN AT AN EVEN FASTER PACE…I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO DONATE EVEN MORE OF MY TIME TO YOU GUYS….BUT PLEASE,ONLY HELP IF YOU FEEL LED TO DO SO WITHOUT HURTING YOUR OWN BUDGET.I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I LOVE DOING THIS AND I WILL KEEP DOING THIS REGUARDLESS.BUT I ATLEAST WANT TO PUT THE OPTION OUT THEIR FOR YOU GUYS…THANKS AGAIN………….add my new music channel-YOUTUBE.COM/THEMIKEISON411..soon to be “THEMIKEISON4U”….I was also asked by “SCARRED GUITARS” owner to be the host of a new tv pilot coming in 2013 called “SCAR MY GUITAR”..Be sure to check out the “SCARRED GUITARS” based out of Florida..I am available for studio session work and touring… Feel free to subscribe to my channel,request songs,ask questions from a pro teacher
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