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How to play guitar chord Am7?

how to play a guitar chord
by sergione infuso

Query by : How to engage in guitar chord Am7?
Can you fellas explain to me action by step like:
1. Put finger and things!
Make sure you Im understanding a track and I need to have this chord thanks!

Best answer:

Reply by Norm Jones
Howdy there,

Depress the E string at the 3rd fret. Depress B string at the 1st fret. Depress the G and D strings at the 2nd fret. Perform the previous five strings (omit the low E string).

E three
B one
G two
D 2

signifies open up. X indicates do not engage in.

Take a look at this chart

I would use my index finger to depress the B string, The following two fingers for the G & B strings and my pinkie for the E string. You could also barre the 1st fret with your index finger (strings E thru D).

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