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How to play guitar hero lll with various players on very same xbox on xbox are living?

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by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

Question by I ♥ My Dog Mistery: How to perform guitar hero lll with various gamers on identical xbox on xbox live?
How can my husband & I play Guitar Hero lll together on the identical xbox on xbox reside with other players on xbox dwell??? Is it achievable? We can play solo on reside with other gamers but I can not look to figure out how we can play collectively on are living, somebody please aid. Many thanks in state-of-the-art.

Greatest solution:

Answer by SPNarwhal
it can be a two player game, so you men can either play collectively or 1 of you can play with someone on xbox dwell.

or you men can perform jointly on xbox are living,
but there’s no way for you the two to perform with other men and women on xbox reside unless of course you get turns or one thing.

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