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How to Play Guitar Songs

play guitar song
by Knox O (Wasi Daniju)

Praise the internet! It’s fantastically ridiculous how easy it’s become to teach yourself how to play guitar songs thanks to the world wide web. I’m not going to teach you how to play the guitar, but I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it for free, using the internet productively.

First of all you need a guitar. A guitar that has 6 strings that have been tuned. Unfortunately getting a guitar for free online isn’t something I can show you how to do. You can however use a free online flash tuner to tune your guitar once you’ve got it, an online tuner can be found easily on Google.

Once you’re all geared up you’re going to need to start with the basics. Specifically: you’ll need to learn a few of the foundation chords and you’ll also need to learn how to read tablature. Important chords to learn are Em, D, G, Am, C, A, and you can find out how to play them by looking up a chord chart on Google images.

You won’t believe how many songs you’ll be able to play just using some/all of those chords!

However, in order to learn how to play guitar songs without knowing how to read music, you will have to learn how to read tablature. This is an easy way to read guitar music and can be learned quickly on many online guitar courses for free. Once you understand how to read guitar tabs, you will ultimately know how to play guitar songs. You will be able to search through hundreds of tabs from your favourite bands on sites like

Although, because of the internet, now is the best time ever to teach yourself how to play guitar songs, it’s still very important that you follow a structured pattern while you’re learning; otherwise you’ll end up wasting hours teaching yourself bad habits and then more hours unlearning them. There are tons of online guitar courses, I would recommend using a free course rather than paying for one, especially until you’re committed to learning to play.

Now that you’re going to learn how to play guitar songs, I just wanted to recommend that you look up a song called Walk Away by Ben Harper, because it’s easy to learn and it’s absolutely awesome!

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