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You can learn from Dale live via bandhappy online video lessons click this link to get a lesson! My Album ” How The Light Gets In” is available on itunes, napster and emusic. First in a series explaining some of the basics of percussive playing. Subscribe to get the new episodes as soon as the come out. We will be looking at some more complicated beats and two hand techniques next lesson. I am running some workshops in August click here to find out more

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: GUITAR LESSONS: Welcome to Acoustic Guitar For Beginners with Rich Maloof! Time to dust off your guitar and start strumming. You won’t be bogged down in this course by tedious exercises or music theory. Instead, we get straight to the mechanics of chords and strums so that you can pick up a piece of sheet music (or find some online) and start playing songs that you know and love. As you click from lesson to lesson, check out the other elements in the video player. The Jam tracks, Text, and PDF’s all support the lessons taught on video. TrueFire on Twitter – TrueFire on Facebook –
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