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How to understand electrical guitar for novices?

Problem by DemiBlackburn: How to discover electrical guitar for novices?
Can anyone give me names of some DVDs/CDs that are great for educating a person electrical guitar chords.

Any video clips on youtube?


And any advice for getting your fingers to shift all around freely on the strings? My fingers really feel really restricted when I put them into particular chords.

Just to create, I’m using weekly lessons on Thursdays for an hour.
I just want to be capable to check out and train myself up in my free time effectively and have something to occupy myself with.

Very best answer:

Reply by Connor Parquette
Unless of course you get lessons, my suggestion would be to go to your neighborhood music shop and acquire a standard guide. also, have a friend (or use an on-line resource) write down some chords for you to learn. training the quite fundamental songs in publications, and chords will lead on to the following degree. understanding the chords is essential, since afterwards on, knowing how to perform each and every 1 will help you quickly understand songs, and swap between them

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