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I genuinely want to learn how to perform guitar… assist me locate the proper measurement guitar!!!?

Problem by kyliek: I truly want to understand how to perform guitar… assist me find the appropriate dimension guitar!!!?
I’m about 5 foot three inches, and my arms are fairly lengthy (in comparison to my height) sorry if that description was perplexing! anyway I was hunting at an acoustic guitar that is “short scale” at 23 1/4 inches. Is this too modest? Because the description states it can be for “smaller women” As in tiny kids or scaled-down men and women in common. (I’m 15 if that issues) If you could give some suggestions for length or even about guitars in basic for a novice I would love to listen to it! (just dumb it down simply because I know absolutely nothing about guitars. (For the file I can go through new music) Right here is the link to the guitar I was looking at: up-acoustic/debutante-junior-skip-small-scale-acoustic-pack

Best reply:

Remedy by James
I think that “smaller ladies” implies considerably younger and smaller females than you. Julian Bream is a single of the best classical guitarists ever before, and he plays a standard-sized guitar. Standard scale length for a metal-strung acoustic guitar is 25-one/two” for a classical guitar, it is 650 mm, which is about a tenth of an inch lengthier. At fifteen, you most likely have a bit of progress left. I’d go for a guitar with a standard scale duration. I know that Gibson guitars, in the previous, had a somewhat shorter scale duration than most other guitars (my Gibson J-45, made in 1943, has a 24-seven/eight” scale size).

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