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Ideas For Playing Electric Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitars
by Jebrando

Article by Niguangxingzou

Ideas For Playing Electric Acoustic Guitar – Entertainment – Music

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For this experienced player, an acoustic guitar is an
indispensable songwriting tool, practice partner, as well as the most
portable means to take your music with you. Here’s a series tips
for playing an acoustic electric guitar created to help you get
the most out of this versatile instrument.

Whether you are a songwriter, guitar teacher, coffee shop
musician, studio musician or someone who just plays purely for
pleasure the sound of an acoustic guitar can enhance your project
and inspire your creativity.

Sometimes, due to the fact of the volume of the other instruments inside the
band, the size of the venue or specific recording project we’re
working on, it’s essential to amplify the acoustic guitar… it
occurs to all of us so we need to be prepared!

Tips for playing acoustic electric guitar: tip 1

If you’re buying an acoustic electric guitar there’s an
incredible range to choose from, the very first thing to keep in mind
is that no matter pick-up, microphone, effects unit, amplifier or
P.A you run your guitar through they can only amplify the
original sound.

That’s the key, you should get the best acoustic guitar for your
particular application. The guitar ought to sound wonderful without the
pick up and amplification, no amount of electrical effects can
save a poor sounding acoustic instrument.

I repeat, if you are contemplating buying an acoustic electric
guitar make specific that the guitar sounds fantastic before you plug
it in.

Ideas for playing acoustic electric guitar: tip 2

What kind of acoustic guitar do you want? Do you require a six
string, steel strung guitar? Would a nylon string acoustic guitar
be far more suitable? If you’re a solo artist perhaps a 12 string
acoustic guitar would be best.

Which guitar is best? The answer will depend entirely on your
application. To support you get began here is really a couple of general

(a) The bulk acoustic rhythm guitar that we hear on the radio is
played on a six string, steel strung guitar played with a pick.

(b) Nylon guitars are becoming a lot more well-liked in pop music due to
their capability to produce harmonic content in a frequency range
which will not affect the lead vocal. In this situation the nylon
strung guitar is normally played with a pick, instead of being
played with the fingers as it would be played in classical music.

(c) The 12-string guitar works most successfully by itself or with
little accompaniment for it takes up a lot of the frequency and
musical range.

Suggestions for playing acoustic electric guitar: tip three

What size acoustic guitar will you require? Do you need a Jumbo,
Dreadnought, 7/8 or folk size?

Keeping in mind we need to get the best acoustic sound from the
guitar. Essentially the top of a guitar is comparable to the sound
board of a piano, you ought to steer clear of guitars with volume/tone
controls etc, mounted on the guitar top. Ideally, we want the
guitar top to vibrate freely, even the wrong sort of bridge pins
can significantly effect the tone and projection of your guitar.

A guitar that has brass bridge pins will have far much less volume
than a guitar with rosewood bridge pins. Make particular you might have a
close look at all these details. It’s just prevalent sense, but a
lot of fantastic instruments are over-looked and all they need is really a
slight adjustment.

In this scenario the added weight of the brass bridge pins would
restrict the vibrations of the guitar top, decreasing the volume
and projection of the instrument. Simply by replacing the brass
bridge pins with wood bridge pins would give the guitar a
entirely diverse and improved sound.

In theory a Jumbo size acoustic guitar should give us the best
acoustic sound. In some cases this in not practical because of
the sheer size of the instrument along with the size of the person
playing the guitar.

The most common size is the dreadnaught size acoustic guitar.
Even so, some players come across the sound of the dreadnaught guitar
too “boxy” and prefer the 7/8 of folk size guitars.

Lead guitarists tend to favor smaller body guitars due to the fact they
tend to have a more balanced sound to them and are less difficult to cut
through the band when playing with other musicians.

Ideas for playing acoustic electric guitar: tip 4

Do you will need a cut-a-way acoustic? This is an crucial question,
the majority of acoustic electric guitars obtainable in most music
stores are cut-a-ways. Working on our “best acoustic guitar
sound” theory it makes sense that the standard acoustic (non cut-
a-way) guitar will have a fuller, richer sound as the guitar top
is left intact.

If you’re playing acoustic rhythm and do not want to play lead
parts up on the 15th,17th frets you do not need a cut-a-way.

Ideas for playing acoustic electric guitar: tip 5

Public enemy number one of the acoustic guitar is feedback.

So you go out to the average music gig and hold your lovely
acoustic guitar up to the average little dynamic microphone. All
is going well until, they turn on the amplification and… there
it’s feedback!

How do we overcome this howling, annoying sound? A simple way to
overcome the feedback problem is to:

(a) use a “feedback buster” this is little rubber plug that fits
inside the sound hole of your acoustic guitar, essentially it reduces
the feedback issue be making the top of the guitar similar to
that of a solid body acoustic guitar, whilst it significantly reduces
the acoustic qualities of the guitar, the feedback buster can be
swiftly removed with out having to loosen the strings.

(b) try and move away from the amplifier/ speakers and surely
don’t face your acoustic guitar into the speakers.

We’ve now covered some of the fundamental ideas for playing acoustic
electric guitar, take your time a get the most effective acoustic guitar
with out the electronic’s along with the rest will likely be a piece of cake.

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Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

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