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im trying to build my composing skills on the guitar (acoustic) how can i do this?

guitar acoustic
by flod

Question by lzrdking2000: im trying to build my composing skills on the guitar (acoustic) how can i do this?
I wanna play like Jimmy page a lot cuz i really like white summer and black mountainside. Also just plain classical would be cool. I have to some thiongs that i wrote but most are just chord bass bass chord bass bass you know simple waltz timing stuff. how do i break away from that on start doing some serious classical guitar stuff on acoustic? Finger picking is mostly what im interested in, but picks are cool still for fast stuff:) thx

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Answer by eastlongstreet
i find that when im trying to expand my musical horizons i need to listen to something new. once i find something i like i find the sheet music for it. i never bother to master it because thats not my goal. i get enough of the basic feel of the song and the fingerings and timing that i can take it and apply if to my own tastes and and favorite chord progressions. hope that helps. for sort of beginner classical check out the intro to the tesla classic “love song” . “the trees”, by rush has some interesting classical style riffs. if you are beyond that i recomend listening to Leo Keotke. he is literally the best classical guitarist in the world since the passing of Sergovia. Word Of caution: he trys to sing, and while its not horrible, he is definately a way better guitarist than a singer

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