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Is it feasible to find out how to play keyboards from understanding guitar?

Issue by rotten-black-horns: Is it possible to discover how to perform keyboards from learning guitar?
So appropriate now I am mastering to play guitar, and in my class we’re learning how to read audio.
And, which, is apparently universal.
So learning notes and the like, would it be relatively straightforward to perform on a keyboard/synth/piano?
Or would I have to also consider piano to learn it?

Many thanks in advance for anybody who can response helpfully.

Greatest answer:

Answer by 1965
Well, as a piano participant I come across it very easy to pick up a guitar and figure out a chord, simply because it can be set up just the very same way as a piano, just with strings and distinct to bodily play. Assuming you know all of the notes on the guitar, just take the E string for illustration. You know open up is E, then the very first fret is F, then F#, G, G#, A and so on. and so forth., the piano is set up the identical way. The black keys are the sharps and flats, and the notes in a chord are the very same. The E chord has the notes E, G# and B equally on guitar and on piano. It’s played in another way since you are possibly playing the chord with much more than 3 strings, but the principle is the exact same. I will not know if this aids considerably, or if it even makes a lot sensation coming from guitar to piano, because I figured it out vice versa. And also, yes reading new music is the identical. You just have to know all of the notes, and you probably would want to find out your scales, also. There are a whole lot of youtube tutorials for that form of thing. Very good luck to you.

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