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Day 219 / 365 – Body Mutilation
chords on guitar for beginners
Image by xJason.Rogersx
The pain involved is probably worth it!

I’ve been learning the guitar for about three weeks now. But no one told me that it would hurt, but o be honest I didn’t ask.
The tips of my fingers have gone all crusty and the hard skin is peeling a bit. The strings leave indentations in my fingers which just makes it harder to play. But with a little bit of pain and practice I’m sure one day, I will totally ROCK.

I know I am a beginner and I only know a handful of chords. But I keep looking up tabs on the internet and then try and play them.

I managed the first couple of bars of last train home (Lost Prophets) last night.
Today I tried to play My Heroine ( Silverstein ). I really love this song and would love to be able to play it, but it all this is totally out my league.

So after torturing myself with my lack of musical ability and mutilating my fingers on the steel strings; I went out to town. I popped into a couple of places and asked about my crazy plan which some may also consider mutilation…

Clement strikes a chord in Kamloops
One of those stops was Lee's Music, where Riversong guitar builder Mike Miltimore showed the minister his laser-cut creations and even strummed a chord or two with him. Clement got a hands-on guitar-making lesson, gluing some bridge plates on the


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