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Marco Cunha #74/100 Piano Man
guitar lessons for beginner
Image by Mark Emery Photography
I’d photographed Sophie & Kayleigh earlier and though how the balance of my 100Strangers was shifting. I needed to find a happy stylish man in the next few days, e.g not one of the many clones around town that wear the same "uniform" or are to me obviously plain grumpy and likely to say no. Us blokes in general don’t look after ourselves enough. [Not enough products eh James & Rob?]

I was starting back home when Marco came into view. I already had one 100Strangers shot and don’t usually shoot a second on the same day but couldn’t resist asking.

Marco was great to talk to. He does mainly Piano Tuition but also does beginners guitar lessons and KS3/GCSE Maths! It was if our meeting was meant to be – my daughter could do with some guitar lessons, having one that’s hardly been touched from Christmas before last. The family have been talking about lessons for a while. Marco gave me his card, I’ll be in touch. [Marco, I was going to scan & post it but don’t want to risk problems with Flickr advertising rules.]

I asked Marco if he’d mind walking over to the steps to sit down, then asked if I was pushing my luck to have him holding his guitar. Thankfully he agreed. Marco told me he’d use the photo for his Facebook profile so rather than do a close up looking over his shoulder at the guitar which wouldn’t have shown his face as much I went for the above.

Marco asked me about my photography and mentioned a local event that was happening soon that I might be interested in, saying that he’d put a word in for me.

Lovely talking to you Marco, I’ll give you a call in the week. I’ve spoken to my daughter and she’s quite excited :o)

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