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Sic’Nis at The Flyover Show, Birmingham 18th August 2012
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Image by TheFlyoverShow
The Flyover Show, Birmingham 18th August 2012

Sic’Nis is an acronym that stands for: Succeed-In(g) Impossible Circumstances Needs Intellectual Strength – A mantra that best describes events in her life thus far.

A lyricist, writer, Radio-Presenter and aspiring performing artiste, it was her passion and love for music, and it’s associated art-forms, that made a career-path in music inevitable.

Born in Birmingham and growing up in the notorious Handsworth borough, Sic’Nis started out singing in the family church (her uncles and aunts play various instruments i.e piano, guitar) and writing songs/stories and poems since the age of 7 years old. Writing became an escape, through which she could retreat from her reality, and be anything, go anywhere in the world that she wanted to be or go. She discovered that not only did she love writing, she actually had a real talent for it.

Throughout her teenage years she entered, and won many talent competitons dancing in groups, she was always singing, always dancing, always writing. Her gift was noticed by the Deputy Head of her Secondary School, and he encouraged her to think seriously about developing her writing skills and combining them with her love of/talent for music.

It would prove to be several years before she did indeed take heed of his words, but would be far from the last time she was given that advice.

A few life-changing events led Sic’Nis to realise that life’s too short to focus on anything other than what you love, and she began to take her talent and unique skills seriously, and, she began to hone, craft and fine tune her craft, namely her rapping, combining melodic flows with clever, metorphorical lyrics, and her niche, which is the fact that she doesn’t use obscenities and writes about positive, socially conscious topics.

She started recording her tracks and performing at local charitable events, incl, Mothers Against Guns, in Victoria Square B’ham city centre, Action for Haiti and Help Heal Haiti as well as most recently opening for multi-platinum selling Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang Clan, and Akala plus many many more over the years.

Music is her passion, her second love and she explores it with a true purity to express the brightest and the darkest emotions one can feel. A true inspiration and role model for perserverance and strength, it is her self-belief, confidence and determination that led her from being an unknown local artist to having her own radio show on local community, ofcom registered NewStyle 98.7fm. Presenting the Homegrown Show with Sic’Nis on Tuesdays from 7-8pm, using the show to shine a spotlight on up and coming artistes in the Midlands, something that was lacking at the time and still is now. Influencing a lot of artists along the way.

Socially she can fit into any environment with a witty approachable manner and has shared her talent with and throughout her community.

Sic’Nis also hosts a radio show on every Friday 9pm est/1am uk – interviewing the icons she grew up listening to, and sourcing/promoting independent artists from across Europe;

Sic’Nis’ 1st EP, The Prequel is live shortly on ITunes/Napster/Amazon etc and features her iconic underground hit "B C Heavy".

Currently putting the finishing touches to an EP entitled "You’re Gonna Love Me With My Clothes ON!". The recent release via Juice String/Jeremy Sylvester – Ah Wah Do Dem – 2 mixes of this track reached no 2&3 respectively on the Top Download Chart, within 2days of it’s release on 15/04/2012.

Destined for more than greatness Sic’Nis is definitely one to watch, forever.


Succeed-In(g) Impossible Circumstances Needs Intellectual Strength


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