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learn guitar
by nathansnostalgia

Learn And Master Guitar DvDs

There are many online guitar courses available on the Internet and unfortunately, most of them are crappy programs. On this webpage, we had Read up more about this awesome course and how you can get a MASSIVE 0 discount if you take action now.

The Learn And Mster Guitar Course has won the , This is by no means an easy feat and goes to show that Learn And Master Guitar Dvd Lessons has been widely recognized as the best guitar instruction course for learning the guitar at home.

Learn And Master Guitar features Steve Krenz as your guitar instructor. Steve Krenz’s impressive resume includes performing with Grammy award winning artists such as Donna Summer, 5th Dimension and Tommy Simis. Apart from his active guitar playing experience, Steve Krenz is a commited and passionate guitar teacher who aims to help other guitarists excel in the instrument.

He frequently travels around the United States to conduct guitar and music workshops, helping thousands of guitar players improve on their guitar skills. With such a comprehensive teaching experience and knowledge, Steve Kreznz is the ideal guitar teacher to guide you through your guitar playing journey.

Learn and Master Guitar is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the guitar. This course covers everything from the .



Popular styles such as classical, rock, country, jazz and etc.. are taught with great depth in a series of step-by step detailed video guitar tutorials.


We found the lessons to be . It’s simply amazing how Steve Krenz arranges each lesson with a logical, step-by-step format such that the student will never feel lost.

What we really liked about this course is that the different aspects of guitar playing are taught while playing to familiar melodies and recognizable guitar songs of all time. This injected a lot of while enabling the complete beginner guitarist to

Intermediate guitar lessons such as scales, chord voicings, chord progressions, ear training, improvisation and different styles of guitar playing are also concisely covered in this course. The lessons are laid out in a manner which is enough such that we were never left frustrated. This made us feel like we had accomplished a great deal after each lesson and kept us motivated through the entire course.

L&MG provides terrific a 24/7 online support platform where students can interact, raise questions and receive advice from fellow students and the course instructors including Steve Krenz himself.

At  a price of USD9.00, this course is slightly more expensive than most of the other courses we had reviewed. However, if you are really serious in learning the guitar,this quality course is worth every single cent paid.

The Learn & Master Guitar Dvd Course is covered with a 60-day full fledged . There is absolutely  at all for you to try this course. Once you try this course and see REAL results, I guarantee you won’t be sending it back.


” is a phenomenal program. It’s clear and concise and watching the DVDs is like having your very own guitar instructor in the room with you. The course is extremely thorough and well planned out. It’s like having at least a year’s worth of guitar lessons in one complete package! I wish a program like this existed when I was learning to play-it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration!!!”

Learning Guitar for Dummies; Studio: Starz / Anchor Bay

This unintimidating video presents the basics of playing guitar in an easy-to-follow format. By simply watching the instructor on screen and following along, you can learn to form chords, fingerpick and strum in different patterns, and play songs in a variety of styles—all without reading music! Guitar for Dummies provides step-by-step instruction of all the skills needed to become an accomplished guitar player. You start by learning to play in tune and in rhythm and then move on to left-hand chords and right-hand strumming patterns. From there, you apply these techniques to several different musical styles, picking up tips and tricks on playing authentically in each style. Along the way, you learn how to develop your own practice routine and focus in on the areas you want to improve.
About the Instructor: Jon Chappell is an author, writer, and award-winning guitarist. He has served as editor-in-chief of Guitar Magazine and has performed with Graham Nash, Judy Collins, and Pat Benatar. He has published over 20 method books in seven different languages and is the author of The Recording Guitarist—A Guide for Home and Studio and two For Dummies books, Guitar for Dummies and Rock Guitar For Dummies.

This was the first DVD I ever bought on the subject. I ordered I even before I bought my first guitar, so I was a real beginner.

The pace is very slow, but as a beginner, I liked it that way. It helped me to feel like I had the potential to keep up. This was very important to me so that I wouldn’t give up.

Some may feel the pace of this DVD is too slow, but if you are interested in starting slowly… this may be just the right pace for you.

Eventually, I started collecting Guitar DVDs and I now have over 20, but this was the one that held my interest long enough to make it past the training wheel stages.

This DVD is great for people who have little or no experience with playing guitar and want to begin without investing in private lessons (private lessons are a good idea if you can afford them). The DVD contains basics such as posture, hand position, a few basic chords, and strumming. It even has a very basic introduction to fingerstyle (playing with your fingers instead of a pick).

I had taken a very basic class a few years ago, then taught myself barre chords and a few scales. I recently invested in a good mid-range guitar (Martin DC-16 GTE), so I picked up this dvd as a refresher. I found myself skipping to chapter 8 before I came to anything I hadn’t learned yet. So the title “Learning Guitar for Dummies” is apt. It is great for beginners as a SUPPLEMENT to private lessons. For intermediate players who are looking to build such skills as fingerstyle, barre chords, scales and improvisation, etc, you’ll need something a bit more advanced than this. I found myself more bored and drooling over the Taylor 814 CE he was playing than focusing on the really basic concepts he was presenting.

Other drawbacks of the video: 1) his singing is terrible 2) he doesn’t go over such basics as selecting and changing strings or some accessories that are helpful even for the novice (i.e. string winders, supplies for cleaning and maintaining the instrument- like a lint free cloth, a humidifier, etc). 3) in the video he does not always follow the suggested fingering shown in the chart on the screen (i.e. on a few of the songs he plays a G chord with the 1,2, and 4 fingers instead of the 1,2,3 as shown in the chart- I also prefer the 1,2,4 fingering, but this may be confusing to some beginners). Other than that it is a good introductory video for the beginner.

I used to take guitar lessons when I was about 15 years old. Learned some basic cords and could play a few songs. I had not picked up the guitar in many years. My 12 year old Daughter decided to learn to play the guitar so I got my old guitars out and started playing again. I ordered this DVD Learning Guitar for Dummies, by Jon Chappell and found it to be an excellent first lesson for the beginner guitar player. Not only did I learn some thing’s I did not know but my daughter sat through the whole DVD with her guitar. Jon has a great way of explaining things slowly and easily. I would recommend this DVD for any beginner guitar player. Even if you know nothing about the guitar, you will by the end of this DVD. I had also ordered another Guitar learning DVD and found it to be not nearly as good as this one. Two Thumbs up to this DVD! The only thing I was disappointed about was I could not find any other DVD’s put out by Jon Chappell.

My daughter aged 8yrs decided that she wanted to learn to play the guitar a couple of mnths ago. The middle of October (last month) we bought her one. Suprised to see how she could manage the frets she now has lessons at school, sadly it appears for this yr. only.
I puchased this DVD for her not really knowing what to expect only to find this Brilliant step by step guide, simplistic to follow in every way.
The DVD zooms in on the guitar itself and positioning on fingers on frets etc. at the right hand side of the screen is the cord Mr. Chappell is playing once again denoting where positioning of fingers should be.
Having had no previous experience at all our daughter found this DVD informative and extremely easy to follow as did her father, only unable to follow correctly at the 9th out of 10 chapters when “Fingerpicking” was introduced.
This dvd is aimed at no particular age group only Beginners of whatever age. Mr. Chappell’s experience and honesty shines through as he repeatedly states you will not beable to play overnight that practice is a must all the things beginners need to hear.
I cannot praise this DVD enough it hss to be one of the best if not the best DVD’s and an invaluable aid to guitar playing irrespective of which type of guitar you choose to play.
If you are looking for a Beginners guide to learning to play the guitar i cannot recommend this one too highly. You will not regret this purchase!.


I bought the Guitar For Dummies book when I got my guitar. I’m working my way through the book so thought this DVD would help – I haven’t gone to an instructor (yet). It’s not as in-depth as the book (there simply isn’t enough DVD space), but it is very useful to actually see the strumming and finger techniques Chapell uses.

I’d recommend you buy the book along with this DVD, that way you can continue to progress once you’ve gone the DVD lessons.

I bought a number of different “teach yourself” tools on a variety to media to get myself started on the guitar and this is definitely top of the bunch. Unlike many of the others, this DVD schools the learner in exactly the same way a (very expensive) private tutor would. It spends time on teaching not just the basic notes, but also different ways of strumming and finger picking (I’ve found that may of the other books, CDs, and PC CDROMs tend to ignore the right hand).
The DVD progresses at a steady speed and allows the learner to stop and achieve competence in one area before moving on and, unlike some of the private music tutors that you run the risk of hiring from your local paper, this guy actually knows what he is doing. He can play AND teach!
I can’t say enough positive things about this DVD – it does exactly what it says on the cover!

Learn & Master Guitar is guitar training.

Winner of the 2008 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players’ Choice Award, two Telly Awards and an AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education, is widely recognized as the best home instruction course for learning guitar available anywhere. It consists of professionally produced ,Jam-Along , a lesson book, and a online student support site. It is the only instructional package you’ll ever need on your journey toward mastery of the guitar. All you provide is the practice!

Let’s face it, really learning guitar can seem like a daunting task. There are so many different things to learn and practice. What you’re really looking for is high-quality, step-by-step video instruction that takes you from beginner (or intermediate) all the way through advanced instruction. A thirty-minute “Learn Guitar Overnight” video isn’t going to do it, and advanced instructional videos are usually too specialized and they often assume that you know more than you do. That’s never a problem with Learn & Master Guitar, because it is a complete step-by-step video instruction course that takes you from any skill level, even if you’re a total novice, through the advanced skills training used by the pros. Not a beginner? Just skip through the basics and jump into the more advanced training.

Printed materials alone, when not accompanied by detailed video instruction, can leave you frustrated and confused. Software-based instruction is cumbersome and difficult to use. Private instruction is costly and inconvenient. And perhaps worst of all, none of these methods are really any fun!

Guitar lessons on DVD are far less expensive than in-studio guitar lessons with a teacher. Most teachers charge – for one private lesson. When I taught private guitar lessons, my rates were 30 dollars for a one hour lesson! For .95 you can have over 9 hours of guitar lessons on four DVDs plus additional DVD that has over 165,000 tabs on it! These DVDs are a great way to learn how to play the guitar. You could take over 18 guitar lessons on DVD for the price of one guitar lesson with a teacher. Plus, with lessons on DVD, you spend no gas money commuting to your guitar teacher. Also, you can play the lessons over and over again instead of remembering everything the teacher taught that week.

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