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Learn Guitar Scales For Beginners Learn Guitar Scales For Beginners, essential theory and intro to minor pentatonic scale
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Daq teaches the 7 basic guitar chords examples include : Free Bird, and Good Riddance Hey guys, this is Daq.. sorry about some of the video not being totally clear.. like every ‘you tube-er’ we’re strapped for time on each vid, and that kinda limits us to how much detail we can get into.. so, if there are any questions, please feel free to message or comment us. thanks for watching. (below is a chart for the chords, including finger placement) *KEY* X = omit the string (don’t play it) 0 = open string A Chord: ——-X——— ——-2——— (ring finger) ——-2——— (middle finger) ——-2——— (pointer finger) ——-X——— ——-X——— B Chord: ——-X——— ——-3——— (ring finger) ——-3——— (ring finger) — these three are a barre placement ——-3——— (ring finger) ——-1——— (pointer finger) ——-X——— C Chord: ——-0——— ——-1——— (pointer finger) ——-0——— ——-2——— (middle finger) ——-3——— (ring finger) ——-X——— D Chord: ——-2——— (ring finger) ——-3——— (middle finger) ——-2——— (pointer finger) ——-0——— ——-X——— ——-X——— E Chord: ——-0——— ——-0——— ——-1——— (pointer finger) ——-2——— (middle finger) ——-2——— (ring finger) ——-0——— F Chord: ——-1——— (pointer finger) ——-1——— (pointer finger) — these two are a barre placement
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