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to play guitar
by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

What is the best way to learn to play the guitar? I learned the old fashioned way. It took months to learn a decent amount of chords and techniques. Now you can learn the new high tech way, and be impressing people in as little as a couple of weeks.

This is all possible through technology, computers and the internet. A good online guitar course offers hundreds of videos that show you exactly how to play. You can rewind the lesson as many times as you wish until you learn. Some courses will have video features that let you slow down the riffs, until you learn them. Most sites teach different styles of playing, from rock leads, to acoustic fingerpicking. Its like having a virtual guitar teacher available to you 24/7. The course I recommend also offers the ability to play along with other tracks which is an excellent way to learn.

Unlike other methods, this copycat method allows people to play fairly well in a matter of weeks.

You have control over your lessons and can choose the best times for you to learn. Its like having an expert there to show you what you want to learn, when you want to learn it. There are other tools available online as well. You can try a virtual stomp box, or record your guitar tracks on a software music studio.

If you’ve been putting off learning the guitar, now is the time to start. You could be playing better than you ever thought possible, in a very short time.

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